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Terms and conditions

1. The minimum order sum (not including amount of deposit) for items rent is 100,- EUR
2. The deposit is compensated in a full amount given that the props are returned in an initial (as at the moment of rent start and items transfer day) condition, after these are inspected.
3. The rent sum is not subject to return, it is a payment for the use of items. The rent price is stated as per 1 month or 30 calendar days, including weekends and holiday days (or shorter, if preferred) and is subject to recalculation in case of items return delay on a monthly basis. The day of return is counted as a rental day if the items are returned after 12:00.
4. We track the appearance of our props in various projects and provide information about the history of their use.
5. For small projects, please, contact: apply [@] exposure.lv.